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ReportDAT! 6.1 for Clarion 6.3 Hotfix 9050 download_trans.gif Download


ReportDat! 6 is here!

  Now Works With Clarion 6  

Download the Evaluation version.  Comes with a Demo app and Templates you can test! A splash screen will be displayed for about 10 seconds when you print a report and the reports are limited to the first 25 records from your file.

Order ReportDAT.  A registration number will be e-mailed to you.

IF YOU'RE UPGRADING: The install now uses the C3PA standards, which puts the templates under your Clarion directory in the 3rd party subdirectory. You should unregister your existing ReportDAT templates (if you have them registered for C5), and check your RED file and remove any previous references to the CWRDAT2 directory before installing.

ReportDAT! has been updated to work with Clarion 6, both Legacy and ABC!  Now, you have the power to create 2-dimensional reports in the latest versions of Clarion For Windows!

ReportDAT! is a heavy-duty crosstab report template for Clarion for Windows that will summarize your data in 1 or 2 dimensions. ReportDAT! will help you to lift the fog from your data to reveal any underlying trends that otherwise may have been too difficult to analyze. With ReportDAT! you'll see your data in whole a new perspective.

If you've never seen a crosstab report before, here's what a typical crosstab report might look like:

  Crosstab Explained  

This crosstab report was run on a Students data file and calculates the percentage of students in each department and gender. Each column title "F" "M" was retrieved from the Gender field in the Students data file. Each row title "Chemistry", "Commerce" etc., were obtained from the values in the Department field. So if at a later date, new department values are entered into the file, the crosstab report will automatically expand to include the additional rows for the new departments. If you wish to add more genders like "SM" for Senior Mens or "JW" for Junior Womens to your data file, the crosstab will expand to include the new columns. There's no need to recompile or alter the crosstab report in any way. It's all done for you. ReportDAT! automatically sorts the crosstab internally which eliminates the need to maintain extra key fields for the file. You could for example traverse the file in record order and still produce a crosstab report that was sorted properly.

Report Design is Built In

ReportDAT! handles all of the report design, including all of the line drawing, font styles, color fills, and it creates the column titles row titles, page titles, adjusts the column widths, does all of the numeric formatting, and handles both horizontal and vertical page breaks. ReportDAT! does all of the work for you, and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can design an average crosstab report like this one, in less than 2 minutes! No that's not a typo. Not 2 days, not even 2 hours, but 2 minutes!

Colorize your Crosstab Reports

If you want color, you came to the right place. ReportDAT! supports a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) type of report layout at run time. That's right, runtime. That means when you run your application you can display a sample crosstab and use a toolbox to change the fonts, lines and fill colors. When you print the crosstab it will use your newly assigned fonts, lines and colors. But if you want to leave the artistic talents to us, just load one of over a dozen predefined styles and you can change the appearance of the crosstab in seconds. Did I mention there's no programming involved? Talk about your productivity!

Data Manipulation At Run Time

ReportDAT! is pretty clever. You can use variables for the crosstab fields. An embed can then be used to intercept and perform calculations on the variables before the values are actually added to the crosstab. This means you won't have to store redundant data in your file, like adding fields to your record to store values like "Q1'93" in order to produce a good looking report. The crosstab can take invoice dates and use a local variable to slot them into yearly quarters like "Q1'93" to "Q4'93". So the "Qn'93" values are created on the fly as the crosstab is being built. ReportDAT! gives you total control over the appearance of your crosstabs.

No Formulas To Enter

There's no complicated report formulas or report fields for you to enter. All of the calculations are done for you. Row and column totals are calculated automatically as well as the grand total found at the bottom right hand corner of the crosstab. All crosstab values are displayed in any numeric picture of your choosing, including pictures like @n$9.2, @n9, and @N(_11.2) to name just a few.

Huge Crosstabs

By using virtual memory you can have any number of rows and columns in your crosstab. If you tried other crosstab report programs you were probably annoyed to find out they stopped printing at the right hand margin. If your report was wider than the page, it lost those columns of the report. Not ReportDAT! ReportDAT! will automatically split the crosstab into two or more vertical strips so all you have to do is tape the strips together. This means you can have a crosstab with dozens or even hundreds of rows and columns, enough to wallpaper your office.

More Features

We've added Shrink to Page and Expand to Page that will shrink or expand the fonts so the report will fit the page. Speaking of pages, if you change the paper size, the crosstab report will automatically expand to use the full size of the page. You can print a crosstab report on anything from a postcard to a poster. And of course it prints in color so you can knock those argyle socks off of your boss at your next presentation. And to make certain data cells really fly off the page, we developed BingoChipp Technology(TM) that can mark cells that fall within certain ranges with large colored dots, much like those from a bingo marker. So if sales have increased for a certain month or if someone's putting in too much overtime, the cell can have a big red circle on it to indicate a possible trouble spot. Try that with your highlighter!

  ReportDAT! Has The Answers  

ReportDAT! will let you summarize files with thousands or even millions of records, quickly and effortlessly. You'll be able to spot trends in your data and communicate this information easily to others. Don't wade through a 300 page report when ReportDAT! can summarize the same information into one or two pages. You bought a computer to analyze your data. Now you've got the tool to do it.

To download the Evaluation version, [click here]. To order ReportDAT, [click here].  A registration number will be e-mailed to you.

Upgrade from version 5.5: FREE (same registration codes are used)
Upgrade from previous version 5 or lower: $149
Full Version $249
ReportDAT!  (c) Copyright 1993-2001 Grebar Systems Inc. ReportDAT! originally developed by Grebar Systems is now sold and supported through POSitive Software, at
Submitted On:
10 Jun 2008
Submitted By:
John Hickey (John Hickey)
File Date:
10 Jun 2008
File Version:
File Size:
3.4 mb
File Type:
stars/0.gifTotal Votes:0
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